Platinum Analytics & Technologies is a FinTech firm providing smart & efficient trading solutions for financial institutions. We are headquartered in Shanghai, with office in Singapore, covering Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong markets.

We are committed to hep institutional traders to grasp real-time market conditions, seize trading opportunities, reduce trading costs, and improve trading efficiency. Our solutions have been adopted by multiple leading international financial institutions.

Platinum Analytics has made great breakthrough in the field of AI trading, with machine learning, NLP, and knowledge graph to generate trading signals through real-time analysis of unstructured data, assisting institutional traders to better capture market opportunities and deeper market insight.

Products & Solutions

Integrated one-stop service for financial institutions

Based in Singapore, Platinum Analytics has works with top liquidity providers covering both Asia and Europe markets. With advanced network infrastructure, PATS ECN provides high guarantee and low latency all-day trading experience.

PATS ECN provides full market depth with high liquidity, focusing on offshore CNH, and covering EM currencies and traditional G7. As the first overseas ECN platform with Chinese background, PATS ECN uniquely positions to serve Chinese clients in a holistic manner.

Platinum Analytics is serves clients with professional LP/LC trading terminals, including pricing engine, market data aggregation and modeling, smart order routing and algo-trading, etc. and new features to help traders grasp real-time market conditions, seize the opportunity to trade, reduce transaction costs and improve trading efficiency.

Platinum Analytics also provides volatility forecasting, data delay monitoring, auto market making, and auto back-to-back hedging, reducing trading risk, enhancing trading capabilities, and making trading more powerful.

Our LP/LC is closely integrated with PATS ECN and News Analysis System to create an integrated and smooth trading experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Traders get timely financial information from major news sources with millisecond-level data filtering, processing, and display. The system adopts deep learning on multi-dimensional news analysis, generating sentiment scores, and predicting FX trends with visualization of market opinions.


Historical data analysis of economic indicators and news buzzword provides statistical-based analysis tools for the analysis of economic indicators in the FX market, and truly reproduces the actual profit, risk, maximum drawdown, etc.

Trading Signals

The system makes comprehensive prediction on market trends from different perspectives and generate real-time trade signals available, responding to milli second level movement and second-level decision-making needs.

Using quantitative, big data and other tools to analyze the market and assist traders in analyzing market conditions and making investment decision. Users can develop, backtest, and execute trading strategies in a one-stop manner, and capture market profit opportunities through trading strategy.

Order Management System is closely integrated with Auto Hedging System, providing an integrated platform for auto-trading and risk control.

Order Management System

Order Management System provides a process-oriented and automated process, with centralized management of trade orders based on perspectives such as trading currency, position, and maturity.

Auto Hedging System

Auto Hedging System provides auxiliary decision-making based on market dynamics and real-time changes in trader positions. With trading strategy and parameters set by traders, auto-trading is triggered on a one-by-one or batch basis.


Kelvin ZHENG
CEO & Founder

Master of Eng, Uni of London

Served as marketing director of Comstar at CFETS, senior account manager at Tomson Reuters; worked for Dow Jones Telerate, and strategic department & electronic banking center of UFJ China.

Qihong Bao
CTO & Cofounder

Bachelor of Eng, Uni of Michigan

Managed Trading Solutions for Thomson Reuters as expert in FX algo & auto trading, covering European / American / APAC. Designed and implemented multiple sets of high-frequency auto trading & risk control solutions; implemented Reuters NewsScope for FX market.

Harry HENG

Bachelor of Commerce, U of Melbourne

Partner at DeVoy & Partners, specialized in M&A, capital restructuring, and financial management. Formerly Vice President & GM, APAC, of Johnson Control, and consulting CEO of Omega Solar.

Carrie CHOY
Head of BD SG

Bachelor of Commerce, Curtin U of Technology

Launched Citi's flagship eCommerce platform, PM & sales for Asia from inception till v2.0. Worked at Bloomberg as account manager and later run Trading Systems team for South East Asia.

Product Management

M.SC in Stats, National U of Singapore

Worked at Citi managing portfolio credit risk and financial products models with extensive experience in trading, quant finance, data analysis; Impact investment VP at Ehong Capital.

Business Management

M.Sc in Management, Fudan University

Previously held professional and management roles at Pingan Asset Management, Oriental Securities, WeBank, MUFJ, and Bank of Ningbo.

Mickey Lin
Project Requirements

M.Sc in Fin Computing, UCL

Worked as fin real-time data analyst supporting specialists at Thomson Reuters, responsible for business requirements and product data solutions for FX, securities, fixed income, and derivatives.

Annie Li
Product Requirements

Shanghai International Studies Uni

Senior account manager and senior training specialist at Thomson Reuters, senior account manager at Comstar, CFETS. Familiar with all types of transactions in domestic & international financial markets with focus on localized business processes for domestic FIs.

Weizhong WANG
Senior Advisor

MBA, Antai School of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University CFA/FRM
Fitch Training Consultant / CFA Training Specialist

He was the Senior Director of R&D Center of Shanghai Da Wisdom, Deputy General Manager of Product Development Dept of Shanghai Clearing House / Expert Member of Risk Management Committee, and Director of Client Training China of Thomson Reuters. Proficient in domestic and international FX and asset management business.

Dr. Uwe Wystup
Senior Advisor

PhD in Fin, Visiting Prof. Dept of Math, Carnegie Mellon University,
Prof. Dept of Math and Computer Sci, Uni of Antwerp
Honorary Prof. at Uni of Fin & Mgmt in Frankfurt

Managing Director of MathFinance AG, Partner at Fintergral Consulting, senior advisor to several leading investment institutions and Fintech companies worldwide. Author of books "Forex Options and Structured Products" (Wiley) and "Forex Risk" (Risk Publications).

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Operations Engineer

Scope: Computer system and server maintenance and management. Responsible for customer deployment and service.

Java Engineer

Scope: Design and development of commecial software with unit test and funcioinal test.

Front-end Engineer

Scope: Product UX design and deveopment. Optimize the performance of front-end.

Test Engineer

Scope: Responsible for design and implementation of integrated test of financial software.

Quantitative Analyst / Algo Engineer

Scope: Continuously improve of quant & algo models with big data, NLP, etc, and optimize technical solutions.

Product Manager / Business Analyst

Scope: Responsible for requirement design, requirement specification, system prototype and business flow chart.

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